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Bullseye is a stunning miniature stallion that was unwanted by his owner and riddled with worms.  He came to us with Bella on the condition that they would be kept together. Bella and Bullseye used to run together but after Bella had complications while giving birth to Smidge, we now keep them next to each other but do not allow them to run together. 

Bullseye is a joy to be around.  Although he always comes out of his stable prancing and calling all of the mares, as soon as we ask him to stop, he does.  He is great with children and did an excellent job leading the parade at the 2014 Devine Fall Festival.  Bullseye is a long term resident at W.A.R. due to the restrictions with Bella.  Bella cannot be adopted due to her deformed legs and recurring ulcers. 
Bullseye will be competing in his first competition in October 2019.  A huge thank you to Deborah and Rick Stein for sponsoring Bullseye in this competition.


Sponsored by Rick and Deborah Stein
Ricks shredding and Mowing, Devine TX