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Redemption (Demi), a 3 yr old Arab/QH, Pinto mare was unwanted.  She came to us with 5 other horses. She was very head shy, especially around the nose, and hates her legs and hooves being touched.  Demi has been ground trained, desensitized and is being trained to ride.  She is a high energy horse and very agile.  She loves to jump, do obstacles and play at liberty with W.A.R.'s trainer, Jo.

Demi was fostered for a competition but due to the stress of training and being in a strange place, she developed an eating problem and lost significant amount of weight as she refused to eat.  Our vet feels that this will be a permanent problem if she leaves so Demi has become a permanent resident. 

We plan on completing Demi's training so she can do clinics and demonstrations here at W.A.R.

Redemption is sponsored by Cody, Mike & Mason Brown. 
Thank you for helping to provide Redemption with a long and happy life at W.A.R.