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    Smidge, is a miniature mare born here at W.A.R. on 3-14-12.  Her parents; Bella and Bullseye, are both rescues.  Smidge weighed only 25 lbs when she was born and she has a very determined personality.  She is not afraid of anything and has been a great asset when introducing new rescues to our facility.

    Smidge is our mascot and does all of our events and parades.  Smidge loves doing events and behaves very well and is great at handling crowds and very gentle with children.  Smidge is house broke and also rides in the bed of our truck during parades.  She has rode along with marching bands and behaved perfectly when they had a wild west reenactment right beside our booth.  Smidge is a true testament to the benefits of good ground training.  This young little pony takes everything in stride, yet still has kept her unique personality.  Smidge has become a very special little horse, as she visits several nursing homes during the year and brings joy to all the residents and staff.

    Smidge is sponsored by Wendy Kneupper

    Thank you for helping to provide Smidge with a long and happy life at W.A.R.


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    2016 Devine Fall Festival parade

    "There is nothing greater than the heart of a volunteer"


    W.A.R. operates on the generosity of volunteers. We cannot do this work without the love and care that our volunteers provide.

    We have lots of fun while caring for the horses and donkeys.  We are more than a group of volunteers. We are a family.

    We need volunteers to help with daily care, building, and fund raising.

    Volunteer hours:

    Mon - Sun: 8 am - 11 am (approximate)

    Please call or text Jo at 210-471-1377 to arrange a time to come out and meet us.

    Please click on the link below to fill out our volunteer application.  You can email to: [email protected] or bring in person at your first visit.  An application is required for each person volunteering, including children.

    We are always looking for people to hold fundraisers for WAR.  If you would like to hold a bake sale, car wash, bar-b-que plate fundraiser, or any other ideas you may have, please contact us at 210-471-1377.



    "You don't have to be crazy to volunteer here, but it helps"



    "All ages welcome"



    "There are not many places where you have moments like this"


    Smidge, a mini pony weighing only 25 lbs

    Become a volunteer

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    One Time Donation

    Every little bit counts when providing the best care possible for these wonderful equines.

    All of our equines have come to us due to some form of neglect.  It is people like you that give them a chance at a better life filled with love, patience and understanding.

    Your donation will help provide feed, hay, farrier, vet care, shelter and blankets for our equines.

    Thank you for making a difference.