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Piper was the first foal born at W.A.R.  Piper's mom, Maggie, was part of a 4 pony rescue.  Maggie's rear hooves were exceptionally long and she could barely walk.  We worked on Maggie's hooves so she could walk properly and a short while later, Piper was born.

Piper is an exceptional little pony and is another example of good ground training.  Piper has accepted everything we have shown her and has done several educational and fundraising events.  Piper suffers from ulcers and is prone to colic. Although our goal is to usually adopt out our equines, we keep some that we feel will be beneficial to our educational programs.  We feel that educating equine owners and the public on horsemanship is one of the best ways to stop abuse before it starts.  Piper is a great asset to this program.

Piper is in need of an additional sponsor to cover her farrier cost of $30 per month. Whether you sponsor $10, $20 or $30 per month, it all adds up to make a difference in our equines lives.  

Piper is sponsored by Martha Wall.

Thank you for helping to provide Piper with a long and happy life at W.A.R.

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