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Jack is a beautiful, registered QH, gelding that was unwanted by his owner.  Jack used to work the feed lots, 5 days a week, and was a full working horse.  Unfortunately Jack developed navicular in both of his front and his owner did not take care of it.  Navicular cannot be cured but it can be maintained with corrective shoeing and hoof care but if you let it go untreated it can become very painful and cause a horse severe lameness.

Jack's navicular is severe as it went untreated for 7 years.  We have tried several treatment options to help ease Jack's pain and we have successfully got it maintained using Epona shoes, hoof packing, and trimming his hooves at a 52* angle to take the pressure off the navicular bone.  Jack is used to being ridden a lot so gets quite depressed and stops eating if he doesn't get ridden in a while.  He suffered badly from depression when he first moved here as he had been with his previous owner for a long time.  We had to put Button as a companion for Jack to help get him to eat.  Jack now enjoys being turned out for exercise and loves to be ridden for short periods of time. Jo is usually the one that rides Jack and she is very careful about his movement and keeps his rides to around 20 minutes.