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Smidge, is a miniature mare born here at W.A.R. on 3-14-12.  Her parents; Bella and Bullseye, are both rescues.  Smidge weighed only 25 lbs when she was born and she has a very determined personality.  She is not afraid of anything and has been a great asset when introducing new rescues to our facility.

Smidge is our mascot and does all of our events and parades.  Even though she is still very young, she behaves very well and is great at handling crowds and very gentle with children.  Smidge is house broke and also rides in the bed of our truck during parades.  She has rode along with marching bands and behaved perfectly when they had a wild west reenactment right beside our booth.  Smidge is a true testament to the benefits of good ground training.  This young little pony takes everything in stride, yet still has kept her unique personality.  Our goal is to eventually have Smidge tested as a service pony to assist the disabled.  This is a very special project to W.A.R. as we have 2 disabled Board members and several disabled visitors.  We know Smidge will make us very proud.