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Gus is a gelded miniature donkey who was unwanted by his owner.  He was only 6 months old and was just separated from his mother.  He had never been handled by people so was very scared but we have been working on his ground training and we can now touch him all over and walk him on a lead line. 

Gus is a service donkey for our blind horse, Woody.  This is a new project we implemented to help Woody.  Woody gets scared very easily especially by loud noises and is restricted on his movement because of his vision.  Our goal is for Gus to help keep him calm and also to guide him so he can lead a fuller life.  This project has been a great success so far.  Gus and Woody now play together in the round pen and will eventually get moved to a stable and paddock where they will have plenty of room to move around and play.  Gus has been a true blessing to Woody.


Gus is sponsored by Cortney, Matt, Abby and Chris Houser. 

Thank you for helping to provide Gus with a long and happy life at W.A.R.