In Memory

This page is dedicated to all of our equines who have moved on to graze in God's green fields.

Thank you for the memories and the lessons you taught us.















Annie lived at WAR for 11 years.  Unfortunately Annie developed cancer and passed away in December 2022

Bullseye was one of our first intakes.  Bullseye lived at WAR for 11 years before passing away from complications with ulcer & colic.  

Gunner developed founder which we treated for several years but unfortunately his condition worsened and we had to end his suffering.

Woody lived at WAR for many years.  He passed away of old age.

Little Cowboy had such horrific damage due to weight loss.  his esophagus collapsed and he was unable to eat or breathe properly.  He passed away in Jo's arms

Maximus was one of our first.  He eventually came back to WAR to live out his life and he passed away from old age

Chloe lived her final years at WAR before passing away due to old age


Baskaberry lost her life during Hurricane Harvey in Rockport, TX