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Remmy, a Thoroughbred, ex-racehorse, 16 hh, mare came to us with 5 other horses.  She was underweight and had damage to her esophagus.  Jo, the founder of W.A.R., had an instant bond with Remmy when she first met her and named her Remembrance, Remmy for short, in memory of all the horses from the past.

Remmy is the "lovebug" at W.A.R.  She is exceptionally affectionate.  She can make it a little difficult to clean/muck her stable and pen as she tends to block your way until you give her a good scratch.  Then she will let you pass until you come back for the next pile.

Because of the damage to Remmy's esophagus, we have to monitor her breathing during exercise and she would never be able to have a foal.  At this stage Remmy is a permanent resident at W.A.R. but we hope to work with our vet and see if we cannot improve her air intake to allow her to have a more fuller life.  Remmy has the most amazingly fluid movement and would be exceptional at dressage if we can find a way to fix this problem.