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Misfit, came to us as a 3 year old with her foal, Lil Red, and 2 other horses.  Her owners were unable to provide care for them and they were found running loose on the road. Misfit's previous owner told me that they tried to break her to ride as a 2 year old by tying her legs together and putting a lasso around her neck while they got on and pulled on the lasso (essentially choking her). Misfit still managed to throw them off but now Misfit is extremely scared of people and can become aggressive.  She is very sweet to those she trusts but she only trusts 3 people at W.A.R. to handle her.  We hope that with continued love and care that she will overcome her fear and learn to trust more people. Time and patience has helped Misfit come a long way but it is very hard to win the trust of a horse when they have been abused especially at a young age.

Misfit is in need of an additional sponsor to cover her farrier cost of $30 per month. Whether you sponsor $10, $20 or $30 per month, it all adds up to make a difference in our equines lives.  

Misfit is sponsored by Jeanne and Casey Wentzell.

Thank you for helping to provide Misfit with a long and happy life at W.A.R.