Hop Scotch - a mini pony we rescued with a broken leg.


Wings And Reins is a Federal 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation located in Devine, Texas.

EIN: 45-3033936

The specific purpose of W.A.R. is to provide a caring, safe and positive environment for those equines that have either been neglected, abandoned, abused, and/or are at risk of going to slaughter. We pride ourselves in providing a unique approach to rehabilitating these wonderful equines through patience, trust, years of experience, love and, of course, the occasional treat.

W.A.R. operates on the generosity of volunteers, individual donors, sponsors and fundraising efforts.

W.A.R. is a no kill shelter and we have long term residents due to their previous situations, but, we strive to adopt as many equines as possible to loving, long term homes that benefits both the equine and the adoptive family.

W.A.R. is dedicated to equine welfare and is an ALL breed equine refuge; we have no limits to the age, gender, condition etc. of equines. W.A.R. frequently works with Law Enforcement officers on abuse and neglect cases. We also accept equines surrendered by private owners.



Jo riding Benjamin Jones

Wings And Reins was founded by Jo Harp.  Jo was born and raised in England and started riding when she was 8 years old.  Jo’s primary discipline was show jumping but she also trained in dressage and competed in cross country.

Jo was trained by Peter Kemp of Blackborough End, England, and Paul Delahunt of Worcestershire, England.  Paul Delahunt was a trainer for the Canadian Show Jumping Team.

Jo rescued her first horse, Flame, 14 years ago.  “Flame had been badly abused and was considered highly dangerous.  Working with Flame taught me so much more about training horses.  It is one thing to work with a horse that has had a good life and been properly trained, but It takes a totally different technique to work with a horse that is full of fear and does not trust humans.” stated Jo.

In 2006, Jo was in an accident and developed RSD/CRPS. The debilitating disease spread quickly and caused Jo’s legs to deteriorate. In 2010 the deterioration was so bad that the doctors stated they would have to amputate. “I knew I had to fight this. All I could do was pray for strength and understanding” stated Jo. That’s when Jo started receiving a lot of phone calls asking for her assistance with horses. “God had a plan. If I hadn’t been hurt and was no longer able to work a full time job, I would not have been available to work with these horses. No matter how bad I feel, I have to get out of bed twice a day to care for the horses. These wonderful horses are saving me as much as I am saving them” stated Jo. In 2010, Jo started Wings And Reins Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation as a private company. Through the hard work, Jo has restored most of the atrophy in her legs and is determined to keep them. In 2013, Jo founded Wings And Reins - Equine Refuge as a non-profit corporation. “With the high demands for assistance, I knew I had to make a change because there was so many horses in need of our help” stated Jo.

Jo is the only trainer at W.A.R. and she loves to teach people about horses and other equines. Jo currently trains and competes with miniature horses in driving and in-hand with her daughter, Katie. "This is something I love to do as it gives me an opportunity to share training techniques as I compete with multiple horses with different problems" stated Jo.  Jo has always wanted to be able to reach more people to demonstrate training techniques that are good for horses no matter what their background.  Over the years Jo has developed these techniques and has successfully re-trained every horse and donkey that has come though Wings And Reins, as well as for personal owners, and now her own competition team with much success. "My daughter, Katie and I, pay for the competition team to compete as well as all of the equipment they need as it is very expensive.  The competition team allows me to share videos on training etc, and then go out and compete and demonstrate that my methods work.  This is so important to me as education is a huge part of my mission for Wings And Reins", stated Jo.  Jo posts training videos and information on her competition team on the teams Facebook page, J2K Equestrian.


For more information, please contact:

Wings And Reins, PO Box 593, Devine, TX   (210) 471-1377






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  • Britt Bowman
    commented 2021-03-25 12:51:55 -0500
    I have a friend who turns 89 this year and recently lost his son. As such he has no other heirs and would like to insure 3 horses are cared for when he eventually dies. At this at this time he’s healthy and lives on a 36 acre ranch approx 30 miles S of downtown San Antonio on I-35.. He has 2 quarter horses-1 24 yrs, the other 20 yrs, and a shetland – age unknown. One Day the shetland showed up at his gate, needed care and he’s cared for it since. The 24 yr old mare was a champion race horse in 2000 & 2001. With the horses comes a nice horse trailer, that probably needs tires. All horses are tame and come to people to be petted. If your organization handles these types of rescues and are interested please let me know. Thanks!

    [email protected]
  • Faye Clauss
    followed this page 2020-11-03 17:53:28 -0600
  • Wings And Reins
    commented 2018-03-04 23:53:49 -0600
    Hi Jennifer. We were having difficulties with notifications so only now saw your posts. Please contact me at 210-471-1377 via text or phone for information on training etc.
    Thank you
  • Dick & Ginger MacEwen
    followed this page 2018-01-29 14:19:32 -0600
  • Jim Davidson
    commented 2017-09-02 08:16:37 -0500
    Thanks to Jo & Red for your Unselfish Hearts in Helping these Babies that can’t help themselves! You two and all of your Volunteers are AMAZING!
  • Jennifer Pelzer
    commented 2017-02-28 13:13:31 -0600
    I have a custom small feed hopper. Aluminum due to my health. Holds 250 lb lid needs a support this is beta just can’t load high. If interested it’s yours rat proof.
  • Jennifer Pelzer
    commented 2017-02-28 12:55:19 -0600
    I had a person tell me keeping a horse was about 75 buck a month. Your numbers are good. They should see those numbers first. Rain or shine hot or really hot. It’s not just food they love to hang out they are domesticated and not one alike. We have spent thousands of dollars the horse kiss was worth it. I try to keep at least 3000 bucks available. Sadly most of our backhoe work is inturning starved horses.
  • Jennifer Pelzer
    commented 2017-02-28 12:28:13 -0600
    Ok, I have spent 2 years on my mares. They are now sound friendly It’s time to start working them. In general they are just as naughty as any horse. I know there are many choices as to bits I plan on getting quite a few. To see what works back in the day each horse just had their tack. 40 years ago I thought they were terrible. I know your time is valuable. What do I avoid? I rarely had to use the reins. The horses responded to my weight. Thank you.
  • Kelly Pantusa
    commented 2017-01-09 16:43:43 -0600
    I am a proud volunteer at Wings and Reins. I volunteer because it fills a need in me to help my community. The horses make me smile, giggle, laugh and cry. I love all the horses at the refuge. They are wonderful and I love feeding, grooming and cleaning their stalls. Consider joining an amazing team of volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering call me anytime at 1-979-676-0207. If I don’t answer, leave a message or text me. Kelly Pantusa, Director of Volunteers