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Mushoo is an adorable miniature gelding that was found running loose on a road.  Mushoo had an embedded halter and injuries to his back legs.  The halter that Mushoo was wearing was so small, and had been on him for so long, that his skin had grown around and over the halter (embedded) so it had to be surgically removed.  Mushoo is quite a character and tends to test new people by biting.  Once he learns that he cannot push you around, Mushoo is very sweet and affectionate.  Mushoo has done parades and awareness events and is a great asset to W.A.R.

Mushoo is in need of an additional sponsor to cover his farrier cost of $30 per month. Whether you sponsor $10, $20 or $30 per month, it all adds up to make a difference in our equines lives.  

Mushoo is sponsored by Aleyda Rincon.

Thank you for helping to provide Mushoo with a long and happy life at W.A.R.

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