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    2016 Devine Fall Festival parade

    "There is nothing greater than the heart of a volunteer"


    W.A.R. operates on the generosity of volunteers. We cannot do this work without the love and care that our volunteers provide.

    We have lots of fun while caring for the horses and donkeys.  We are more than a group of volunteers. We are a family.

    We need volunteers to help with daily care, building and fund raising.

    Volunteer hours:

    Mon - Sun: 7.30 - 8 am - 11 am (approximate)

    Please email Kathy Sprague at ksanes@aol.com to arrange a time for you to come out and meet us.

    Please click on the link below to fill out our volunteer application.  You can email to: wings-n-reins@hotmail.com or bring in person at your first visit.  An application is required for each person volunteering, including children.



    "You don't have to be crazy to volunteer here, but it helps"



    "All ages welcome"



    "There are not many places where you have moments like this"


    Smidge, a mini pony weighing only 25 lbs

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